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Friends would come over on school nights to eat pasta and drink sparkling grape juice. I grew up watching my parents cook and learned by helping them in the kitchen. Since those first dinner parties, my menus have evolved and I have been entertaining guests in every house, apartment, and condo I have lived in. Some events have gone less smoothly than others. During one of my high school dinners, I managed to spill grape juice on the ceiling (who knew that was possible!?), but with each event I have learned something new. I was the only college kid I knew that hosted cocktail parties instead of keggers and I once made the mistake of hosting a martini party to a bunch of college-aged kids. Guests were disappointed to learn that I had meant vodka martinis with olives, not their distant sugary relatives that tasted like juice and left you with gut rot (they've since come around). I was lucky to go to school in Madison, where I could buy fresh, local ingredients from the farmer's market and co-op to use in making dinner for my roommates. It was my way of procrastinating my studying, but they didn't complain. I hosted a weekly Monday Night Cake Party, which coincided with our Laguna Beach watching. It's been a long time since college, but I am still cooking, still learning about wine, and still hosting. In the summer of 2016, after hosting hundreds of dinners, brunches, cocktail parties (and more), I planned and designed my biggest event yet- my wedding. I wanted to share what I had learned in the process and thus Bunny en Blanc was born. Through entertaining, I am able to do the things love like cooking and creating, while spending time with my favorite people. I live to make my crazy ideas a reality. A few months ago, I hosted one of my favorite events yet- a Little Prince cocktail pairing party, in which I served a 10-course meal with mini cocktails to seven friends to tell the story of the French children's book through all five senses.

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I believe that celebrations are more than just parties and that there are reasons to celebrate everyday. Join me as I share my favorite things from making delicious, whole foods to entertaining with friends and living a more creative, beautiful life.

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